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SnapLanka 2011

In early 2011 Jeremy spent four weeks in Sri Lanka running a new childrenís photo project with local charity Adopt Sri Lanka.

The brainchild of Jeremy and Adopt Sri Lanka general manager Bec Lyons, SnapLanka fosters new partnerships between schools in Sri Lankaís eastern and southern provinces, created for local children who are economically and socially disadvantaged.

Following the end of almost 30 years of civil conflict, this new era of peace has been a perfect time for Tamil and Sinhala children to come together to share and exchange information about their lives and communities, through the medium of photography.

These new partnerships have enabled the children to communicate regularly, develop friendships and come together for shared educational tours in various parts of Sri Lanka. Heartfelt thanks to our kind donors in South Australia, UK and Sri Lanka who donated cameras which were crucial to the success of SnapLanka, these cameras are now being used in the schools and communities.

SnapLanka 2012

We are excited to be planning SnapLanka for May/June 2012. We will be seeking volunteer project workers, sponsors and donors. Please contact us if you wish to support SnapLanka 2012.


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